Friday, 5 December 2014

Blue Hair Unicorn Princess crazy coloured hair

*Disclaimer please if you have never coloured or bleached your hair before seek professional advice. This is what works for me and I home colours my hair at my own risk. It’s always better to get the pros to colour your hair but if you are a confident home dyer this tutorial may be useful.

My Current Mermaid Hair

Over the years I’ve always wanted to have brightly coloured hair but having very long black hair I was afraid, My hair is my protection. It’s what I hide behind, sort of my armor from the world.
Stormer is still my hair icon
So the past few years I settled with a coloured streak at the front of my hair

My changing hair

So after having my daughter I bit the bullet and decided I wanted blue unicorn princess hair. I told myself Its fine, hair grows back.

I’ve bleached my front streak for years but the thought of doing my entire head filled with fear, so I visited a local hair salon for help.

We quickly discovered that because I had used black dyes (to cover the grey) on my hair it was going to be a slow process as the test piece at the back of my neck snapped off very short.

My hair was Green for a while
So for five months I went and had my hair bleach bathed and coloured, I have been many shades of green. yes that's right five months. Depending on how much previous dye you have on your hair and if you want to maintain a bright colour on long hair it can take a while. I wore a lot of headscarf’s around this time.

Stages of bleaching

I now just maintain my hair myself and employ a few tricks along the way which I'm happy to share.


Colours and Dyes


When it comes to colour it’s all about trial and error sometime my hair is more of a greenie blue other time its purple, vibrant colours are usually semi permanent dyes which you can be mixed with each other to create different shades.

The brands I use or have used are  

Crazy colour – I find this brand terrible for blue but their pink shades are really good so sometimes it depends on the colour but I do use it for maintenance which ill share more about later

Directions- I find has a good consistency to work with. It's not too watery and spreads well. Their colours are strong and last better than the other dyes I’ve tried. Some colour transfer when dry on collars and pillow cases

Pravana- I am now using Pravana vivid which is a professional hair colour and is hard to get hold of in the uk so I import it from Poland via ebay. This is the longest lasting dye I have found and I get 6 weeks out of my colour and the colour transfer when dry hasn't been a problem at all

*please not pravana cannot be bleached out you need to use pravana’s remover so if you tend to swap and change I suggest sticking to directions  


My routine
When my hair is freshly dyed I have a Pattern I follow. I’m not into the washed out look, I like my colour to be a strong vibrant consistent blue so my hair is a lot of work but I love it.

Tip #1-How much to wash

Washing my hair from week 1 to 5 – I wash my hair 3 to 4 times a week or less depending on if it needs it dry shampoo is your best friend. If your hair is OK leave it. The more you wash it the quicker it produces it's natural oils and YES I WASH MY HAIR IN COLD WATER its horrible but it means my colour stays bright. Cold water strips away less of the dye.

Tip #2 which shampoo

I use a sulphur free shampoo (osmo colour save 1000ml lasts a good 4 months)

The shampoo reduces colour fade because it reduces the amount of colour that’s striped out by washing

Osmo Colour save shampoo

Tip # 3 Conditioning

Once a week I use a conditioning hair mask that also contains a small amount of my dye whatever’s left over from doing my hair I just add to my conditioner. My hair is bleached so it needs to be taken care of I use Aussies 3 minute miracle.

Give your scalp some love

If I find at any point my scalp is dry or itchy from the bleaching, product build up or weather I use a white vinegar mix with warm water to rinse my hair with. It balances the ph levels of my scalp and relives the itching plus it removes excess oil from my hair or if like me you suffer from a bit of eczema ill do a coconut oil treatment just applying coconut oil to the scalp and leave it wrapped in a warm towel for a few hours or overnight.

The week before my roots need doing – I treat my scalp. I wash my hair with normal shampoo and in warm water I don’t worry about colour fade as I will be re-colouring it anyway 

 I try not to wash my hair at least the day before bleaching as your natural oils protect the skin from the bleach

I usually do my roots every 5-6 weeks luckily the blue with black roots doesn’t look too bad so I try and leave it as long as I can before it drives me nuts

Bleaching roots

Dyeing with directions and Pravana


Once I’ve bleached my roots I wash my hair and make sure its oil and product free ready for the colour.

Both instructions say to apply to freshly washed towel dry hair but I don’t do this as I never get a bold enough colour. I blow dry my hair and then add my colour on dry hair. Yes I use more product but I get a rich deep colour and I only have to do this when I do my roots. I only do my hair if I have loads of time I’m not into rushing.

Once the dyes applied all over I wrap it in cling film and a towel and leave it in overnight, because the dye is a conditioner based dye its non damaging to your hair so I leave it as long as possible.

Rinse the colour out and you are done for another 5 to 6 weeks or depending on your hair and colour. Floss and pastel colours don’t last as long but if you keep it topped up you may get longer from it.

This was when I was using Directions

 The fake bits

My Hair with extensions
Image By Black Cat Photography
If you want to wear extensions it can be a pain matching the colour. I buy blonde human hair and colour it when I do my hair. If you’re really struggling to match the colour of your hair and extensions I've  found that by dying each row a slightly different shade of blue they blend a lot better.


Good Luck xx